Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Teachers: Mountain, Sailor and Trooper

Two true workers.

Mountain and Sailor. Mountain, at left, is 12" tall. Sailor, at right, 11" tall.

You would not think a one inch difference in height (and about the same in chest size) would make a lot of difference in the field, but it does in our very tight earths.

On this day, these two dogs had worked raccoon, groundhog and possum. Once washed off, they were as good as new.

Sailor taught me most of what I know. She will never be forgotten.

Below is a picture, taken from above, of Trooper my 15" tall Border Terrier who recently went to the Great Kennel in the Sky, and Sailor, my 11" tall Jack Russell who preceeded him by a few years.

Both dogs are dead now, but in this picture they can still do a bit of teaching. Size is fundamental, and with true working terriers bigger is not better.


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Seahorse said...

I think this is all very interesting. In dealing with horses I know that a relatively small change in height often translates to a MUCH larger animal overall, as the proportional increase is marked. I don't know how true this is with dogs, but with horses it can be quite dramatic.

Pearl isn't shown on this post. How big is she?