Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Hard to tell isn't it?

Here we have Wayne LaPierre at that magic moment when the right wing lunatics transition from fear-mongering racism to fear-mongering misogyny.

Tell me that "Eight years of one demographically symbolic president is enough" is not the perfect mashup of racism AND sexism in one sentence.

For the record, Wayne LaPierre has never been elected to anything. He was not elected to his job by the members of the NRA, and he is not even the President of that organization.

He is simply a professional lobbyist for fear, hate and paranoia.

For all his bluster, he himself has never served in the military, and he does not hunt. He is simply blowhard willing to spew paranoid fantasy as part of an organizational grift that separates low-information voters (almost all white men), from their wallets.

And the result is an NRA that sounds, more and more, like the KKK. 


jeffrey thurston said...

I agree with some of what you may say about Mr. LaPierre but I have to say that the NRA is one of two organizations I give money to. They are very effective at making HAREBRAINED gun control schemes political poison as they should be. Do you really want to live in a country where only the police, the army and criminals have guns? Ironically they occasionally side with the ACLU as one of the few voices left in this country to speak out against the apple pie fascism we are slipping into. The other organization I support is antiwar.com- a great website- like your blog!

jeff hays said...

I used to belong to NRA , no longer, but what counterpoint do we gun owners have to the gun haters, the Clinton Clan, and the like.
I am glad I have two hands, One to shake hands with the NRA while holding my nose with the other.

5string said...

What would that "one demographically symbolic group" be?

My guess would be 'gun hater' since the context is a NRA convention.

Pat your post makes it sound like he's talking about blacks and then women. Captain Obvious says both BHO and HRC are gun haters, no matter their genitalia or skin color.

Whatever Wayne's tactics, at least he's on the right side of liberty.

PBurns said...

Sorry 5-string, but being clever is probably not going to work here. I'm a Georgetown University-educated demographer. Real population scientist. The census bureau asks race and gender, it does not ask about guns. |

You know what Wayne LaPierre meant and I do too, and so does everyone in that room. This wasn't even subtle dog-whistle politics.

The funny thing here is the pitch that Hillary is a "gun grabber" because Obama was SO incompetent he never did anything but AGREE with Scalia on guns, and green-lit carrying personal weapons in National Parks? Right. Sorry, but the claim is laughable. You know who banned guns in National Parks? Reagan. You know who endorsed and did TV ads against guns? John McCain. Look it up.

Not too many people in the world of dogs have written as much as I have in defense of the Second Amendment. Some of that is on this blog. But the NRA? That's not about gun ownership or the 2nd Amendment. Those are gun fondlers.

Back in November of 2007, when Hillary was winning, and Rudy Giuliani was the GOP candidate, I wrote about Barack Obama, noting:

"He's going to be Swift-boated by the folks at Fox and by the whispering campaigns of right-wing emailers who will pass on what they think are clever nigger jokes laced with suggestions that the Senator from Illinois is really a Muslim fanatic in drag.

"There's only one problem with that attack plan: Barack Obama. The more you see of this guy, the more you realize how incredibly solid he is. As time goes on, more and more people are going to pay attention, and the folks making the sniping comments about race and name are going to look smaller and smaller until at last they both reveal and embarrass themselves at the same time."

Yep. I was dead right.

So now the fear- and hate-mongering gun fondlers and the GOP smear-machine is going to turn on Hillary. It will only make her stronger, because it will energize the left. And the GOP? Who are they going to get energized by? Jeb "Amnesty and Open Borders" Bush? John "Gun Grabber" McCain? Meth Pipe Sarah Palin?

That's the problem with the GOP; they don't have a candidate OR a message, and like wolves they are going to gnaw each other down the bone while Hillary simply relaxes and looks calm and Presidential.

So go nuts. Nothing helps Hillary more. Ask President Obama about how much the GOP helped him. Record campaign coffers.

And now, eight year later, Obama is not running for anything or from anything, least of all hot rhetoric, a collapsed economy, war debt, political gaff after political gaff. We are out of two wars and Osama Bin Laden is still dead. We have full employment, cheap gas, record stock market returns, all the guns you can load, all the dogs you can run, and not a single scandal.

Hillary is going to be "just like Obama?" There's a sound bite that might need a little more work!