Monday, July 08, 2024

There’s No Trading Up From This Man

Joe Biden has something no other competing candidate, touted by any pundit, congressperson, senator, or Governor can even come close to having: 36 years in Congress as a senator, 8 years as vice president, and 4 years as President. 

That’s 12 years in the White House (so far), and aplmost 50 years of public service. 

You can’t buy that kind of wisdom and experience.

You can’t trade up for it, because no one else has it. 

Joe Biden is the only man for the job.

1 comment: said...

I agree. Biden has accomplished much that no major press will ever talk about. I have to dig and search for much of that kind of info.

The press is doing the same thing it did when it helped to elect the dumpster fire in 2016. I'm now convinced that they want this to happen simply because it improves their ratings and earns them more money. Why else would the New Yorker, the NY Times (well they have been moving solidly right for a while now IMHO, since Rupert bought the WSJ) and many other mainstream outlets be giving days upon days of their coverage to removing Biden? They refuse to do a side by side comparison of these two men. They continually normalize the felon's behavior as if he should be allowed any where near that office ever again.

I didn't think that Biden should do one single debate this election cycle. Why? When the other guy is allowed to lie endlessly and is never fact checked? He should have just said the American public won't benefit by watching that liar lie and never be called out for it...and we didn't.