Monday, July 01, 2024

A Blizzard of Bullshit

The Biden debate glitch is a common response to being given a torrent of lies; I’ve see the best flummoxed by the technique, and it’s very hard to prepare for if you are a serious person.

Here’s the scenario.  You have TWO minutes to respond.  

The moderator asks Trump to tell him what he would do about Medicare and Social Security.

Trump starts by saying:

“Medicare and Social Security are Ponzi schemes and are going broke because we are getting old. We cannot afford to coddle the old, or prevent the inevitable, which is why we don’t want national healthcare. Covid was made by Maurice Fauci, who is Chinese, and it’s a fake disease.  It was the vaccines that made people sick, and the face diapers, which don’t work. And speaking of diapers, Joe here is wearing one right now.  So sad.  But the good news is I have arrived, a true Christian. Jesus Christ.  That was his name.  Love that Jesus guy.  I understand he too liked prostitutes.  Hated money changers.  Would have definitely come down hard on the Chinese for currency manipulation. No one manipulates like me. No one does deals like me. New deal, fair deal, square deal, but I wrote the Art of the Deal, which was a national best seller.  No one has done better for the blacks than me. I saved black jobs by coming down on the diseased criminal illegal aliens.  They’re all mental cases and rapists who are taking jobs from the blacks, who all love me.  Did you see my shoes?  Gold, with my name on them.  Very popular with the Blacks.  But I think you want the white guy as President, amIright?  No one did a better job than me. Best economy.  Women love me. And I love them.  Loved them a lot, even the young ones.  I don’t discriminate.  But no one loves Sleepy Joe. Putin hates Sleepy Joe, and that’s a nuclear power.  Joe got us into this war in Ukraine, but Putin would never have invaded if I was President. Look at Korea.  Disarmed. Rocket Man (that’s what I call him) really liked me. Wrote me.  Said very nice things.  Very respectful, not like Joe Biden and his crime family, which the Saudis would never do business with.”

Moderator:  “Joe, you have 2 minutes to respond”.

Now consider that Biden has a stutter.  

The result of the Gish Gallop and the stutter is brain freeze. 

The good news is that lying loudly is NOT a core competency of the job of President, and neither is a time-limit debate with a sociopathic liar.

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