Sunday, June 23, 2024

Wildlife on the Knoll

Coming up the driveway, I saw a doe in the lower forest and took the first two pictures with my iPhone. I suspected her two fawns were nearby, but they were out of sight.

After unpacking the car, I took two of the dogs off-lead down the driveway. All the dogs are off-lead steady, but as I got a hundred yards down the drive, I saw this doe with her two fawns. The dogs saw the doe and fawns too, but it was just a quiet “come on,” and they followed me back to the house, where I dropped off the dogs and picked up the “real” camera.

Coming back, I found the doe feasting on a trough of cracked corn I set out for wildlife, and the fawns nursing on her. There’s also a salt lick behind the tree, and after feeding on the corn, she hit that too.

I also have 5-7 bird feeders up in the back yard most of the time. They’re filed with black oil sunflower seed mostly, and some cracked corn and hard kibble for the Blue Jays. Creeks flow left and right downhill of our property, and there’s also a very small, frog-filled stock pool about 100 yards in front of the bee hives. A marsh is about 500 yards downhill and behind the hives, and there’s a small pond that way as well.

I love this house and the habitat that surrounds it. ❤️

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