Thursday, June 06, 2024

Fascists Hate Anti-fascists

The first wave of anti-fascists that landed in Normandy, 80 years ago today, are mostly dead or very old and infirm.

But fascism still exists.

Today, the single greatest threat to peace are two fascists: Putin and Trump.

Have no illusion; if Hitler and Mussolini were driving over Europe today, Donald Trump would stand with them. He would be a cheerleader for forced migration, forced labor, and death camps.

This is not conjecture: Trump paraphrases Hitler routinely. He admires Putin. He threatens Ukraine. He beats the table demanding “retribution” against women, moderate Republicans, prosecutors, jurors, immigrants, muslims, labor unions, and public health workers. He is actively planning for the creation of forced detention camps. Google Project 2025. This is Trump’s blue print for dictatorship. 

Now, there is only one question: What side are you on?

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