Sunday, June 30, 2024

Admired By Klingon’s Everywhere

From “mylordshesacactus” on tumblr:

You know what would make Klingons instantly gain respect for us?

Introducing them to the concept of ‘terriers’.

Tiny little things but they have literally no concept of mortality. Terriers do not know fear. Terriers are not aware that there are things in the universe that pose a threat to terriers. They are 100% convinced that they are the meanest, roughest, most badass character on the planet and they expect everyone else to know it too. 

Literally, a cockily independent attitude and a refusal to be intimidated or back down is part of the breed standard for terriers. Their breed standard is ‘never give up, never surrender’.

‘“You…bred these creatures? And you put them in silly clothes and hats? Ha! They are the size of bread loaves. Why am I meant to be impressed by WHAT THE FUCK IT JUST TACKLED A TARG. WHY WOULD IT DO THAT? IT CANNOT POSSIBLY—WHY IS THE TARG RETREATING? THIS ANIMAL HAS THE HEART OF A WARRIOR I MUST HAVE TWENTY IMMEDIATELY.’

“Literally the entire concept of a terrier can be summed up as ‘IT IS A GOOD DAY TO DIE.’”, 

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