Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Fools and Their Money Are Some Party

The nonsense marketing from this candy company-owned dog food brand is beyond the pale.

Breed-specific kibble at $6 a pound? GTFOOH

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Viatecio said...

The only time I ever support this company is for their prescription foods, which are unfortunately the most expensive of the three major feed-trial-tested companies and ONLY appropriate for dogs with diagnosed medical issues that can be mitigated or managed by THAT FOOD. And even then, it's gray-zone hogwash for some formulae that don't even need to exist, such as the weightloss varieties that make people feel good when really all that's needed is strict discipline on the part of the owner to feed the dog less and engage with it more in physical activity.

They can take their breed-specific marketing and shove it, but then they would have to raise the cost even more on their generic food oriented toward size of dog instead and that's just unacceptable. I'll stick with Purina as long as I can, thanks!

Over my time in the vet field, I too learned that it's not WHAT you feed, but how MUCH if it, is best. And of course that few things start the infighting more than a mere mention of dog food and diet! It's hilarious and almost entertaining to stand on those sidelines when the slavering I'm-More-Right-Than-You masses go at it.

Unfortunately I also have to wonder about the ever-increasing number of dogs that cannot tolerate any proteins through their GI tract except those measured in Daltons, lest they break out in uncontrolled dermatitis and diarrhea. It's abysmal.