Monday, November 20, 2023

Lucky to Be Alive

SO THIS HAPPENED TODAY. We got T-boned by a Dodge Ram truck which crossed 4 lanes of traffic very fast without looking. We were hit broadside going about 45 miles an hour. My wife was in the passenger seat, and me driving. We’re a bit sore, but no major injuries. No dogs in the car with us. My wife’s Ford Edge is totaled. The other driver admits it’s totally his fault. Everyone insured. Four hours in the cold waiting for Troopers, ambulance (to check my wife), tow truck, etc. We have two other vehicles, so we’re mobile until we get insurance sorted out. 

It was only at the end of the day, alone in the dark, that I fully realized how lucky we were to not be dead or hospitalized with a machine monitoring our vitals.


Viatecio said...

I remember several years ago in the news how a mother wrote a letter to a major auto manufacturer (I think Honda?) to express her thanks and gratefulness that they produced cars with the design, testing and technology that enabled her son to survive a very severe wreck.

I think accolades are in order for Ford as well. We all love the old cars, the old tanks, the boxes on wheels, but really the survival rate of crashes today speaks volumes. A car can be replaced and as you mentioned, you have other wheels so are not entirely out of options for transportation. You and your wife are irreplaceable.

kelly said...

catching up today - Wow! had you been a split second slower looks like the truck would have hit YOU - in the driver's side door! You Are a Very Lucky person! Glad you are both OK.