Thursday, May 18, 2023

Wolf Packs Eating a Lot of Blueberries

From the University of Minnesota comes the not-too-surprising news that wolves eat a lot of blueberries:
Each of the eight packs that we have studied has eaten blueberries when they are abundant in July and August. In fact, blueberries can make up to 83 percent of the weekly diet of our wolf packs in July. Clearly wolves in our area are spending a lot of time eating blueberries when they are available.
Wolves, mountain lions, fox, dingoes, jaguars, leopards, and lions eat more vegetable matter than most imagine.

Why so much fruit and grass?

Often simply because it tastes good -- why your own dog eats grass.

In addition, however, vegetable matter, as well as insects, are an obvious dietary bridge when fresh meat is not easily found.

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