Wednesday, March 15, 2023

The Stone Dog House

Years ago, when Mountain Girl was old, deaf, and arthritic, I built her a stone dog house so she could stay warm in winter and cool in summer without going up and down the steps in the garage. It was very deep inside and was heavily insulated with foam panels (top, bottom, sides) and banked inside with deep drifts of hay. If I would call the dogs, and deaf old Mountain Girl would not come trotting in with the others, I would look inside the very small entrace to see her like this. A bit heart-stopping, but she was always very much alive in the Land of Nod. 

Later, I trained ivy up the sides of the stone dog house, fixed a game camera to a very close tree, and put a few bits of loose kibble amid the ivy trailing across the flat stone roof — a photo shoot stand for the local fox who would visit to see what they might find.

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