Tuesday, March 14, 2023

More Steps Forward on the New House

The inside paint and floors are finished in the new house, and today we moved everything out of storage. There’s still furniture in the small house downtown, but that too will move in a few weeks.  Plumbers will hook up four new sinks and switch out some taps on Thursday.  TVs and computers will get wired up that day as well. A new king-sized mattress is coming tomorrow, and our old bed will become part of a guest bedroom. Furniture will move around a bit in the next week or two, with small stuff still coming over from the current house, and stored things to be unwrapped, placed, sorted, and organized.  There’s a lot left to do, but today was a big lift, and everything is out of commercial storage, which feels like a big deal.

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Viatecio said...

Smart to have the floors re-done prior to moving. Next time I buy a house with wood floors, I'm definitely having them re-finished instead of looking at them years later thinking "Hmm, what a hassle this will be." My timetable (and knowledge of homebuying) was such with this first adventure that it simply wasn't possible.