Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Yellowstone Is About Animal Training

 The Yellowstone TV show is all about animal training.  

Watch the pressure being put on and off cattle, horses, and people.  It’s in nearly every scene, and it’s not an accident:  Taylor Sheridan who conceived and wrote the series (and is the reigning horse expert that John Dutton buys his horses from in the series) is a champion cutting and reigning horse guy who is also a co-owner of the 6666 ranch in Texas — at 260,000 acres, one of the largest in the world.  

In short, Yellowstone is written by a *real* animal trainer… and it shows.

That said, and acknowledging that there’s a deep note of truth in Lloyd’s observation (see meme), I would offer Terrierman’s Caveat, which is that *mostly* it doesn’t matter.  

You can make a pencil or a pew, paper or fire, a house or a coffin, out of either oak or willow. 

Most folks don’t need a tough dog.

A lot of real working dogs are pretty tough and hard-wired.  

Does that make them “better” for their chief job, as a pet?


Having a tough, hard-wired working dog in a pet home is — to make a Yellowstone reference — a bit like having a barrel racer in the bunk house:  not great placement.  

But can you train ‘em anyway?  


In fact, you absolutely must.

Taylor Sheridan is the full package.

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