Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Resting Between Jobs

My lovely wife took this picture of me sitting in the sun room between outside garden jobs. This is the only room in the house with a chair at the moment.

The absurd little dog on my lap is Willow, my wife's dog, a cross between an Italian Greyhound and a Boston Terrier.

Oak floors are going in on the second floor to match what's on the first, and new paint all over. A locksmith comes on Wednesday to re-key and replace locks on 6 exterior doors, and I should get a call this week to get a price on a 37-foot long, 4-foot wide paver path extension around the back. About 20 cubic yards of mulch goes in next week to cover the bare ground under the trees you can see through the windows. Before that happens, however, I will be getting a pile of trash I pulled out of the woods hauled away, and I will be laying down 6,000 square feet of landscape fabric on top of which will go about 10 cubic yards of old leaves. Right after that happens, a 12 by 10 foot shed will go in towards the back of the property. I’m leveling the shed location this week, and cutting and moving some old downed trees that would otherwise block mowers and other equipment rolling out of the new shed. Once the area under the trees is mulched, I will be putting in about 200 ostrich ferns (a native plant and very deer resistant) which is going to be a serious amount of posthole work. I will not mention the bathroom work, but that too is being sorted out under budget pressure.

Pray for me!

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