Friday, January 20, 2023

Both Kinds of Fencing

The painters have started on the new house, the floor guy has been given the greenlight to put in oak on the second floor, and a hard fence guy has been contracted to enclose an outside space that will allow the dogs to be outside in either sunlight or dry shade, with partial or full access to the house.

The next step is putting in an invisible fence so the dogs can run free when I’m home.

I had an Invisible Fence brand system that worked well for me for 30 years in my old house.

I am *definitely* going with an in-ground wire system.

I have four small dogs, so small collar size is important.

What do you have experience with?

This is basically OLD “buster” technology. What is new? What has broken too soon?

Radio Systems Corporation owns PetSafe brand containment systems and also Invisible Fence, SportDOG, and Innotek, which suggests a core competency in this general arena.

I was happy enough with Invisible Fence, but rather than simply go to Invisible Fence, which is basically an install company, it seems to me I could save some money by simply buying an off-the-shelf PetSafe in ground system.

A PetSafe transmitter for an Elite Little Dog system, 1,000 feet of wire, flags, and 4 collars is about $675, which strikes me as a very good deal. Putting in 500 or 1,000 feet of wire an inch or two underground is not a heavy lift, plus I’ll know *exactly* where the wire is.

Still sorting it out…. and I’ve got a month, BUT Invisible Fence struck themselves off the possibilities list by calling me from Mainland China to schedule an appointment or answer a question.

Mainland China?

If your call center for scheduling, information, etc. is in CHINA…. count me out.

YES, I know all of the electronics are made in China, but jeez

Installing, maintenance, scheduling, and repair is LOCAL. 

If you can’t even call from this HEMISPHERE…. count me OUT.

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Windswept Farm said...

Why not take the old unit when you move and buy wire and flags from hardware store?
C Baker
New Ross, IN