Tuesday, October 11, 2022

If Liz Truss Was Al Qaeda

No government has jumped down the swirling toilet bowl of failure, incompetence, and idiocy faster than Britain’s Liz Truss.

On Day One she nearly tanked the economy with a push to cut taxes for the rich which forced the Bank of England into a £65 billion intervention to stabilize pensions.

But Liz Truss was just warming up.

She’s now declared war on the environment and on private property with a one-two punch that would ban solar farms on private farm land.


This supposedly “libertarian” government is going to tell farmers what they cannot do to boost income on their *own* property?

And they’re going to ban solar farms while the Russians and Saudis are choking off oil, diesel, and gasoline?


If Al Qaeda was doing to England what Liz Truss has already done, Special Forces would be top-roping down to sort things out in a manner befitting the Old Testament.

And here’s the thing: solar farms are the *solution* to several serious farm economic problems in the UK.

For one, solar farms are completely compatible with sheep, whose grazing reduces vegetation around the panels while providing the sheep with some shelter from weather (a chief cause of lamb mortality), and from attack by corvids and eagles.

As I noted back in 2014, in a post entitled “What Kills Sheep?”:

“In a world where less than 1% of sheep are killed by fox, and 15-25% of all lambs in some areas are dying from exposure to weather, perhaps the solution is not to shoot more fox to preserve sheep, but to construct more turn out pens, sheds and hedges where lambs can tuck in to get out of the weather?”

And guess what? Solar cell arrays can do that!

Installing and maintaining solar farms is also steady countryside employment.

So what’s Truss’s game?

Simple: Truss is just an ignorant toady for oil companies and estate developers. The quicker she’s gone, the better, and on that point ALL sides now seem agreed.

From The Economist:

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