Friday, September 02, 2022

Choose Truth

You can change your mind with new information. It shows maturity, common sense, and fearlessness.

You can do it, and people will respect you for it.
“Yeah, I changed my mind when I got new and better information. What do YOU do in that kind of situation?”

2 comments: said...

That was the exact way the right wing attacked Dr. Fauci and the principles of scientific reasoning during the pandemic. As in, he changed his mind as new data became available, stop the presses he must be wrong about everything! They're not bright. They also like to say dumb things like 'they call it the "theory" of evolution' it must not be right, it's still just a theory. No matter that most of us can point to mountains of data that is relevant to the proof. Yes, we should all be allowed to change our minds when new data proves our past selves to be wrong on an issue. I'm not sure how else one grows and learns...

TEC said...

For God's Sake, use it appropriately! I do.

Yet for many they believed the lies from the time he started to run for office, they have expressed their allegiance to their friends and family, they are afraid to lose face when new facts become available, and for some reason I cannot fathom, their brain has already put their beliefs in the same file as deep seated religious zealotry. Incredible and sad. I fear for our country's version of democracy.