Thursday, August 11, 2022

Living Dog Found Deep In Cave

A group of Missouri cavers found and rescued a missing dog found deep in the Moore Cave system, which is around 22-miles long and reported to be the 23rd longest cave in the U.S. The dog had been missing for about two months.

The cave has running water along with fish and crustaceans inside, but the dog was in total darkness, and it's not clear how the old dog survived.

Rescuers Haley and Gerry Keene managed to maneuver the dog, Abby, out of the cave in a duffel bag through a two-foot opening followed by 500 feet over a "tight, awkward, vertical climb."

To track down the owner, rescuers went door-to-door in the local area with the Biehle Assistant Fire Chief Robert Cahhon. Abby's owner said she hadn't seen her since June 9 and had assumed the dog was gone forever.

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