Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Coffee and Provocation

Birds are Lizard Hipped, Not Bird Hipped
Dinosaurs and their descendents are categorized by hip shape and are either "bird hipped" or "lizard hipped".  Perversely, birds are not the descendants of 'bird-hipped' dinosaurs (ornithischia) nor are they descended from the 'bird-footed' dinosaurs (ornithopoda).  Birds are "lizard hipped"
Starbucks is Losing the Fight With Unions
Starbucks Workers United has won its one hundredth National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) union election.
Union Apple
An Apple Store in Baltimore, Maryland is the first US Apple store to join a union.
Manna From Heaven
Bermuda has no natural water source. Each house collects rainwater using white, stepped roofs.
Man Beats Horse in Race
There's a human versus horse race in Wales that's been held every year since 1980, and this year, a human won, finishing a 22.5-mile race in 2:22:23, with 1000 people and 50 horses behind him. (The best horse came in 2 minutes later.)
Dr. Oz, the Turkish Candidate from NJ Hires Illegal Aliens
Dr. Mehmet Oz, who lives in New Jersey, and wants to be a senator from Pennsylvania, and is a citizen of Turkey (and votes there), is a co-owner, with his wife, of Asplundh Tree removal and trimming, which paid a $95 million fine for hiring illegal aliens -- the largest criminal fine paid by an employer of illegal aliens in US history.  Oz now says we need to stop illegal immigration and voter fraud.  Yes, irony is dead.
Dolly Parton Is Always the Best of Us
Dolly Parton has donated $1 million to pediatric infectious disease research.
Yellowstone National Park Is Devastated
Flood from too rapid snow melt and storm has wiped out roads and bridges in Yellowstone National Park, and it will take years and billions of dollars to restore things.

Dust to Dust
New research suggest bodies of soldiers from the battle between Napoleon’s army and the Duke of Wellington at Waterloo may have been re-purposed for fertilizer.

From Revered Pet to Food
Dogs?  No, chickens.

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