Sunday, May 01, 2022

Grifting is the Veterinary Business Model

This blog has observed the phenomenon before.  From "Grifting: The New Veterinary Stock in Trade":

Have you noticed that your veterinarian spends more time looking at you than at your dog or cat?

What's going on there?

Well, one thing that is going on is that your veterinarian is being encouraged to become a grifter -- someone who is supposed to get inside your perimeter wire so they can then lift your wallet.

A grifter is simply someone who is playing a confidence game. There are variations on the theme -- long cons, short cons, affinity cons -- but all of them have one thing in common; they prey on human weakness.

Veterinary grifters are not practicing fee-for-service medicine so much as they are sizing up their customers -- the suckers -- so they can figure out exactly how many worthless services they can sack them with, how deep a dependency model they can push, and how steep a bill can be presented.

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