Sunday, October 10, 2021

Coffee and Provocation

A Malaria Vaccine... Finally 
The World Health Organization has approved the first ever malaria vaccine, which could save tens of thousands of children in sub-Saharan Africa. The quest for this vaccine has been underway for a hundred years. In 2019, 229 million people were infected with malaria, and 409,000 died, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa. In the 20th century alone, malaria claimed between 150 million and 300 million lives.

Why Are There So Few Old Fox Hounds in Rescue?
Simple:  Most are shot and buried when they can no longer run, are past breeding, and are starting to rack up veterinary costs.  Very few are "adopted" by hunt supporters (go ahead and ask for an accounting of a hunts lasy 50 hounds) as these are, for the most part, loud, noisy pack dogs with little formal training (generally not potty or crate-trained). Much the same used to occur with track greyhounds before the tracks started to close and "retired track greyhound" numbers declined to the point that cause-specific rescues could keep up.

Why Andrew Lloyd Webber Got a Dog
Andrew Lloyd Webber hated the "Cats" movie so much he got a dog.

World's Best Selling Author Was a Terrier Owner
Agatha Christie is tied with the Bible in sales, and has outsold Stephen King and J.K Rowling combined by about 2 billion books.  And yes, she was devoted to her Fox Terriers.

West Virginia's Entitlement Society
West Virginia ranks high as one of the stares most dependent on federal government support. Someone tell Sen. Joe Manchin.

Parsley, Sage, More Sage, and Tyme
In 2019 the Royal Horticultural Society confirmed that the herb previously known as "Rosemary" was in fact a species of sage.

New Zealand Stops Paying a Wizard
The Christchurch City Council has decided to stop paying a "Wizard" $16,000 a year to “provide acts of wizardry” for the city. The wizard spent two decades collecting over $368,000 for his "services".

100 Percent Electric Vehicle Sales in 2022
Norway is embracing the Tesla, and 100 percent of vehicles sales are expected to be electric by the second quarter of 2022.  Does that mean Tesla is a good stock investment? Not at all; the company is currently trading at a price to earnings ration of over 400. Anything over 25 is normally a caution.  Apple is at 28.

The Conservative War on Energy Self-sufficiency
Jimmy Carter installed solar panels on the roof of White House in 1979. They were removed by Reagan in 1986 to coincide with him obliterating the DOE research budget for renewable energy sources.

Inexpensive Portable Filters Help Fight cjcjjccccccccjjcccCovid
Research at a hospitals swamped by COVID-19 cases has confirmed that portable air filters effectively remove Covid particles from the air.

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