Sunday, September 12, 2021

Coffee and Provocation

Shortages as Consequence
An overpopulated country that imports more than half its food discovers that racism and trade wars have a price. Who knew?

The Local Covid Fest
"Thousands of locals and visitors, many of them walking dogs, bustled up and down Market Street. Couples sipped beer as they dined outside restaurants, children clutched balloon animals, and a few people bobbed to the music ringing from live bands." Not said: almost no one wore a mask.

The Settled Law on Vaccines and Government
It's a no-brainer and the reason for government itself.  Also, a Supreme Court case.

Radio-tracking Wildlife Using Drones
Up to 40 animals can be tracked simultaneously in real-time

America, Land of Zero
In Finland, they have an average of 161 weeks of paid family leave for mothers. In Hungary, it’s 160 weeks. In Norway, it’s 91 weeks. In Korea, it’s 64 weeks. In Germany, it’s 58 weeks. In Sweden, it's 55 weeks. In Canada, it’s 51 weeks. In the United States, it’s 0.

This American Bad Ass Was British

Rick Rescorla: hero of 9-11, cover shot trooper on the famous Vietnam book: We Were Soldiers Once.. And Young, was Britsh. 

GW Bush On the January 6 Terrorists 
On September 11, GW Bush said: "Violent extremists abroad and violent extremists at home ... are children of the same foul spirit, and it is our continuing duty to confront them."  Right, but where and how is maybe a lesson we don't want from GW Bush? 

Capitalist Oligarchies Invade China
The wealthiest 1% of the Chinese own 31%t of the nation’s wealth, up from 21% in 2000. In the U.S., that figure stands at 35%, also up by roughly that much since 2000.

Why is a 20th Anniversary a Big Deal?

Humans like numbers divisible by 5 and 10, so we elevate anniversaries and birthdays that fit that mold. Demographers actually have formulas to smooth the data to remove the lies about age, length of marriage, etc.

The Collapse of Empire

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