Friday, June 04, 2021

Put in *After* the Dam

I went kayaking solo
with one of the wee wolves at a new location -- putting in at Dam#4 on the upper Potomac, and pulling out at Snyder's Landing.

The “useful tip of the day” was the admonition to be sure to put in BELOW the dam, rather than at the very convenient boat ramp, with parking lot, just ABOVE the dam. There’s no water signage in front of the dam — you either know OR you meet Darwin and Jesus all at once.

To kayak downstream, you have to park on the road shoulder, portage the kayak across a canal and through a small patch of woods, and launch from the mud. No problem — just an interesting set of choices that someone made. 

This is a nice calm and easy stretch of river -- about 8.5 miles long with a couple of deep horseshoe bends.
I biked on the C & O Towpath from Snyder's Landing back to the car at Dam #4. It all worked perfectly!


Putting In.

Pulling Out


Piscator Fontinalis said...

Just curious to know if there are any efforts to get rid of those low head dams in your part of the country? Quite a lot of success here in Minnesota, removing these hazards and restoring the river channel.

PBurns said...

Some of the dams, like Dam# 2 have collapsed to rubble, but the “fish migration” issue is not too germane on the Potomac, as it’s a free river to just above Georgetown where natural “Great Falls” have always prevented migration upstream from the Chesapeake. Great Falls is pretty well named. See >>