Monday, June 14, 2021

Canine Q-Anon

The Westminster Dog Show was not held at Madison Square Garden this year.

Thanks to Covid, it was held months late, without an in-person audience, at an estate in Tarrytown, New York.

It was held outside or in a tent, depending on weather and breed.

I’m no fashion expert, but I predict the ball gowns suffered.

Pictured is this year’s winner, a Pekingese named Wasabi.

Set aside the fact that the dog looks ridiculous and miserable, and that it can barely walk and hardly breathe.

Set aside the fact that Westminster has NEVER awarded “Best in Show” to a Labrador Retriever or a Golden Retriever, a Corgi or a Miniature Schnauzer.

Why would they? After all, Westminster loves freaks.

Westminster particularly loves INBRED freaks, and Wasabi fits that mold perfectly.

Wasabi's grandfather was Malachy, who won the Westminster Dog Show in 2012.

Wasabi's great-grandfather was Malachy, who won the Westminster Dog Show in 2012.

And Wasabi's great-great-grandfather was also Malachy, who won the Westminster Dog Show in 2012.

There’s a family tree that looks like a cable-knit sweater!

Take a bow Westminster — you have elevated perversion and pretension to an art form.

You are the canine equivalent of Q-Anon; a cult of the ignorant, boiled in fantasy; an American celebration of inbreeding and racist gene theory.

Any wonder why the AKC is a joke with registrations in a 30-year free fall? 


Unknown said...

Such an ugly pup!

Garnet said...

I hope the Peke lives in a house with good air conditioning. Summer has to be hard on brachycephalic dogs with fur like that. Poor critter.

There was a French Bulldog in the final group too - another breed with an abnormal face that causes breathing/overheating problems.