Friday, April 02, 2021

The Continuing Crisis

Fox News serves up more contrived grievance for the Snowflakes, racists, gun-nut parasites, closet pedophiles, and whining trailer-trash Y’all Qaeda Qa-Anon losers that are their base. Apparently the First Whore was not seen as a super hero working to help others? Huh.

Whatever Fox New can do to make sure you don’t think about the 550,000 Trump Covid deaths, the Trump rapes, the $750 he paid in taxes over 10 years, the wall that was not built that Mexico did not pay for, the Trump charity thefts from cancer kids and veterans, the dead killed during the Trump-fomented insurrection.....
Superhero Melania needs a back story

She needs a cause to champion.

She needs an obstacle to overcome.

She needs to make a personal sacrifice when she faces a moral fork in the road.

And, of course, a plot twist to set up the next issue!

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