Thursday, April 22, 2021

Rebuilding a Den

I pulled the stone at right when digging on this den, but set it back and fashioned a loafing porch entrance after the dig.

I try to put dens back together after the fact, but I’m not sure wildlife is much impressed.


TEC said...

Nice photo of your sportcraft gear and repaired den. How far do you walk with that weight? I carry a 25 lb backpack, rock chisel and weighty sledgehammer, and complain long and hard about the mass. -- TEC

PBurns said...

The pack with shovel, tie outs, water bottles, machete, yoho trowel, snare, leashes, etc., weighs 30 pounds, the digging bar nine pounds, and the posthole digger a little over 12.

All in all, I am going into the field carrying about 50 pounds, which can feel like a quite a bit weight.