Tuesday, April 20, 2021

It's About the Weave of Life, Not the Thread

This is how it actually works. Confused? Ask a wolf... even a wee wolf.

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TEC said...

Yes, nature cruelly tells us that the prey do not have to run faster than the predators. In my case, any running is going to have to be no further than a nearby sturdy tree, where a stand-off with bear spray and a tiny pistol might increase my chances of surviving unscathed. -- TEC

PS -- For two years in succession I have sighted mature and juvenile bears in my area of interest (very deep/steep forested canyons leading down to the Columbia), uncomfortably close, yet moving at an angle away from me. Not uncommon for others to see cougar (aka mountain lion) and wild cat (looks much like lynx). Forced me to re-examine solo field trips to the AOI. For a while I armed myself with the above items and relied on a dog for advance notice, also utilizing a smartphone and software to tell my wife exact location at all times. Since, I have maintained the above defenses AND human companions. They are students from my alma mater, so I know for a fact they can run faster than me ;-D