Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Over 2 Million Used Books

Found a massive used book store in town. A bit overwhelming, but well labeled! They’ve got everything.


Greg Mu said...

I hope all of the Dr. Seuss books have been removed and burned.

PBurns said...

No one’s burning books, as you know. The Dr. Seuss folks who own the work and are dedicated to protecting his name, decided — on their own — not to continue a few lesser known books with questionable stereotypes. The real racist Seuss stuff was never in a book, but before the books (WWII and before).

Book burning has mostly been a conservative affliction.

PBurns said...

As a distraction from the 530,000 Trump Virus deaths, the QAnon Insurrection, and the moral and intellectual collapse of the Republican (now Q) Party, the contrived controversies about Dr. Seuss and the always penis-free “Mr Potato” has not really caught on.