Monday, January 25, 2021

My Ted Talk on Democratic Socialism

▪️A cat bird isn’t a cat.
▪️A dog fish isn’t a dog.
▪️Chinese checkers is neither Chinese nor checkers.
▪️Porcupine caribou are not porcupines.
▪️An electric eel is not an eel.
▪️English horns do not come from England
and are not horns.
▪️A star fish is not a fish.
▪️Bombay duck is not a bird.
▪️Fire flies are not flies.
▪️White chocolate is not chocolate.
▪️A raccoon dog is not a raccoon or a dog.
▪️A mountain goat is not a goat.
▪️A sago palm is not a palm.
▪️The Australian shepherd does not come from Australia.
▪️A killer whale is not a whale.
▪️Arabic numerals were not invented by arabs.
▪️A mountain chicken is not a chicken.
▪️A mantis shrimp is not a mantis or a shrimp.
▪️A maned wolf is not a wolf.
▪️A red panda is not a panda.
▪️A koala bear is not a bear.
▪️French horns are not french.
▪️Lead pencils contain no lead.
▪️Strawberries aren’t berries. Neither are blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries.
▪️Glow worms are not worms.
▪️Russian dressing is not Russian.
▪️Catgut is not (and has never been) made from cats.
▪️King crabs are not crabs.
▪️Peanuts are not nuts.
▪️Guinea pigs are not from Guinea and are not pigs.
▪️Headcheese is not cheese.
▪️Panama hats are not made in Panama.
▪️A horny toad is not a toad.
▪️The Chinese crested does not come from China.
▪️Prairie oysters are not oysters.
▪️A velvet ant is not an ant.
▪️French fries are not french.
▪️A Democratic Socialist is not a socialist.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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