Wednesday, November 18, 2020

This is Madness

Raccoons in the US can carry rabies, distemper, mange, and roundworms.


Jo Mercer said...

I was horrified when I first saw this video last week!

Girl with a Curl said...

If this dedicated soul should die while this 'feeding' was going on his family woiuld find bones and coat.

His 'cute' dialogue overshadows the wrongness in ecological science (never mind the starving people in the U.S.) So Dumb Cute. So Dumb. So not cute.

Jo Mercer said...

I about died when I first saw this video last week. I do everything possible to avoid attracting raccoons to my property, but I still have a few that cross the deck almost every night. Anne Arundel County also puts out rabies vaccine baits in the summer in certain areas--not sure what their criteria are.