Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Hand Washing Tips for the Pandemic.

I’ve been in dirt, guts.... things worse than that.

  • A sound tip is to RAKE a bar of soap with your fingernails. Drive soap up under there and leave it there.
  • Also, fill several big mixing bowls with water, a big shot of dish soap and two shot glasses of bleach. Dip your hands in there every time you come into the house. Then wash with bar soap.
  • Forget clorox wipes: there’s not enough of them, and they’re too expensive. Put the same soap and bleach mix (see above) in an old spray bottle and put that spray bottle and a small rag and a zip lock in your car. Spray and wipe off EVERY time you get in and out if your car. Store the moist clorox towel in the zip lock. Reuse for a week to 10 days, then replace the liquid in the spray bottle as bleach loses power over time, especially in heat.

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Aoibheall said...

Hiya, thank you for the recipe but I am wondering if you can help me here. A vague idea of measurements? I can't tell how big your bowl is or what size spray bottle you are talking about to keep in the car. I know I am being a bit pedantic but..... Please?