Sunday, February 09, 2020

How to Teach More Than Math

I HATED these kind of problems as a kid.

You want to get kids interested in math?  Given them THIS problem:

You bought 7 pounds of reefer at $400 a pound and you sell lids at $40 a bag. How much profit do you make if you smoke an ounce a week and sell a pound a week? If you do this for six months before you get arrested, and your lawyer charges $250 an hour and bills you for 20 hours and you get 20 days served on weekends and have to pay $500 in court costs, how much did you “make” an hour for every hour you spent in jail?

Teachers Answer:  If you assume 26 weeks in 6 months, you’re selling 26 pounds total (1 pound a week) and making $240 profit per pound for a total “profit” of $6,240 minus expenses. Expenses include $5,000 for the lawyer and $500 for court costs which brings you down to $740 “profit” minus the $625 you smoked (wholesale cost) which gets you down to $115. Divide this number by the 480 hours you are in jail, and you are “making” $0.24 cents an hour in jail, wasting hours and hours of your life selling pot for nothing, getting a criminal record, and probably cutting $200,000 off your lifetime earnings. What a deal!

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