Monday, December 30, 2019

The Wolf on the Trail

These two hikers started on the Appalachian Trail just before me. We were both going to Annapolis Rocks and a bit beyond — a 6 mile hike up and back for me, but they intended to camp.

This section is just north of the 1,000 miles of the southern trail I’ve walked from Georgia up to Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, and it got me thinking about old age and creaking bones.

My mother and my wife can no longer make this up-hill walk. I have friends that can no longer venture too far off the sidewalk. Time and infirmity are the wolves that hunt us all.

Not my picture, but that's the view.

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Rick said...

I try to restrict my time on ladders these days. I used to work radio towers, climbed ship's masts, trees, and many a roof. But at 68, I'll leave those things for the youngsters. Except when one of them doesn't know what to do up there, then I have to go up and show them.