Thursday, December 12, 2019

Octopus Tentacles vs. Bald Eagle Talons

From the CBC comes this incredible story
that has to be seen to be believed:

John Ilett and his colleagues were working at a fish farm off the coast of northern Vancouver Island this week when they witnessed a knock-down drag-out fight between an octopus and bald eagle and caught the battle on video.

The crew was in their boat finishing up work late Monday afternoon near Quatsino, B.C., when Ilett said they "heard a lot of screeching, a lot of splashing sounds" and saw a bald eagle drowning in the death grip of a large octopus.

"They were grappling and struggling in the water," said Ilett on CBC's On The Island. "The thing dwarfed the eagle and completely wrapped it up."

The crew didn't know if they should intervene, but eventually decided to step in and save the bird.

While a colleague's camera rolled, Ilett took a pike pole and "slowly peeled the octopus off" its prey.


tuffy said...

i disagree with the fish farming crew freeing the eagle.
bald eagles are no longer endangered.
why can't the octopus win?
it's a fair fight...and it's Nature.

tuffy said...

..if the bald eagle was winning, would they free the octopus?
no, i don't agree with their actions here.