Sunday, December 08, 2019

Dinosaur Hunting

I get great joy in the small and the common; the mouse, the rabbit, the sparrow, and the hawk.

If you keep your expectations low, you are rarely disappointed, and if you remain grateful, you are never broken.

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Viatecio said...

In a very people-centric career (that ironically focuses around animals), one must occasionally take one for the team and be a secondary receptionist/CSR. A lifetime in retail and reception unfortunately makes me ideal for this position, so I am rotated up there on a regular basis. I am frequently reminded of the Dilbert cartoon in which he mentions that hating people in advance saves time. It actually does work. Doesn't mean all clients aren't treated with respect initially, but if they are condescending or rude to me in ANY way either in person or over the phone, I'm not disappointed or disheartened and my day is not ruined on their account. However, if they are polite and treat me with any kind of decent respect as a fellow human being, I am pleasantly surprised and ever grateful to have encountered them in my day. It's a sad outlook, but those few really nice people keep me going on most days.