Friday, February 01, 2019

Boy's Life, 1915

In 1915, the Boy Scouts and their publication, Boy's Life, featured ads for guns, knives, and fur sales. Based on this particular ad, it seems 11-year old boys were supposed to hunt with Teddy Bears and semiautomatics.

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TEC said...

Washington State has come a long way in about 100 more do teddy bears accompany youngsters on hunting trips, and semiautomatic rifles are only available if you are 21 or older. Semiautomatic is defined one shot for each pull of the trigger.

Law applies to those who do not lock their twenty-two caliber away for others to obtain -- misdemeanor and felony level crimes.


Numerous county sheriffs oppose enforcement of the approved initiative, and several have stated publicly that above new gun laws will not be charged as crimes in their counties.


The laws were voted in largely by citified gentry along I-5 corridor on west side of Washington's Cascade Mts. In NW rural communities high school students commonly hunt on their way to and from school, often to fill their families' meet lockers, for food on the table. Semi-automatic rifles are frequently used for hunting among teenagers, cradled in their pickup gun racks. Some schools give dispensations for on-time school arrival, to allow students to preserve their meat. Youngsters engaging in hunting is not the problem, it is part of the solution. -- TEC