Monday, November 05, 2018

When Dog Trainers Do Not Address the Problem

People go to dog trainers all the time with specific problems, such as barking, recall, cat-chashing, and jumping on people at the door. Too often what they get is a dog "trainer" who takes them through basic leash obedience with lots of food rewards, but who never specifically addresses the problem that the client first presented with.

Why is that?

Simple: you do not stop internally self-rewarding behavior with treats. You stop such behavior with an appropriate punishment, something that a "pure positive" dog trainer may know little or nothing about.  Get a trainer who knows how to do more than teach tricks and walk at heel.

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LRM said...

Don't remind just took months to identify a replacement dog walker for my longtime regular. It's clear that they are cut from very different cloth, both in terms of experience level, and general approach. Something tells me I will be looking for a new trainer shortly. And, if you can recommend anyone in the region (who doesn't take offense to young terriers dispatching rodents, for example, or become squeamish about such things) please encourage them to contact me. Thank you.