Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Two Oklahoma Dog Attack Stories

Back in 2011
, I wrote a post which recently saw over 40,000 hits on Facebook. In that post I noted that
[A]ll dogs are capable of biting, and I stress with prospective Jack Russell terrier owners that these are hunting dogs bred for hundreds of years to pursue small animals that make high-pitched noises and which have jerky uncoordinated movements. If that sounds a little like a human baby to you, then please heed the warning!

Also, please heed the warning that not all dogs are blank slates. Many breeds, especially molosser, stock herding, and stock-guarding breeds, come with genetic codes that need to be respected.

Part of respect for any dog is understanding and acknowledging the genetic behavioral code that is within the dog. Genes are not 100 percent determinative, of course, but it's harder to cut across the grain than with it, and code can explode, especially if it is ignored by the ignorant. And are there a lot of ignorants and fools in the world of dogs? There are!

To illustrate the point, I offer up two Oklahoma dog attacks. One is an attack by a pit bull mix, the other by a pack of dachshund- terrier crosses and a small border collie.

Story One

Dog attack at Oklahoma school leaves 12 children injured

An afternoon on the playground for students in an Oklahoma elementary school turned into a terrifying encounter after a dog came in through an open gate and attacked several of them, officials said.

The Oklahoma City Public Schools said on Twitter that several students were bitten at the Fillmore Elementary School when the dog entered the playground area.

Five students were transported to the hospital, and seven others were taken by their parents, FOX25 reported. None of the injuries were deemed critical. The children suffered superficial dog bites, while some had escape injuries as they attempted to run away, officials said.
“Dog came on and started to attack some of the kids, and of course kids began to scream and panic, which excites the dog and scared the dog even more,” Capt. David Macy with the Oklahoma City Fire Department told FOX25. “His natural instinct was to keep biting and go after the kids.”

The dog, a pitbull mix, was able to get inside the school, but a teacher tackled him before he reached any classrooms.

Story Two

Oklahoma woman mauled to death by seven small dogs

A woman in Oklahoma has died after she was mauled to death by pack of seven dogs.

Tracy Garcia was attacked by the dogs, who are thought to have weighed less than 20 kg and were no more than knee high, near her home.

Authorities in the US state are investigating whether criminal charges should be filed against the dogs' owner following the incident.

Police shot one dog and the rest were put down at an animal shelter.

The shelter's euthanasia technician Amanda Dinwiddie said six of the dogs were dachshund and terrier mix and one was a border collie mix.

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Redhorse said...

Pit bull defenders don't believe genetics have anything to do with dog behavior. They like to say, "it's all how they're raised" or "it's how you raise them."

Amanda Dinwiddie is a pit bull advocate willing to lie to protect and promote pit bulls. The veterinarian who put the remaining pack of dogs down didn't believe they had any dachshund in them. Their owner said they were a mix, fathered by the dead pit bull.

An organization called Best Friends takes in over 100 million a year in donations to rescue and care for pit bulls. Not even 20% is spent on that, it's spent on lawyers, lobbyists, and their own fat pocketbooks. They educate shelters to lie about the bite history of pit bulls and the dangers of adopting them. There is a growing number of cases of recently adopted pit bulls killing adopters or members of their family. I dare you to do some in depth research of Best Friends, have a barf bag handy.