Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Time Wounds All Heels

Water finds its own level, and most of it eventually finds its way to the ocean.

This is a simple proposition, and generally true.

What this means is that there is not much you can do about some things but say your piece, and then stand back for the flood. 

Things will become clearer in time.

All of this by way of saying I woke up this morning to find out that Larry Kudlow is running from the racist Peter Brimelow.

The publisher of a website that serves as a platform for white nationalism was a guest last weekend at the home of President Trump’s top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow. Peter Brimelow attended the gathering, a birthday bash for Kudlow, one day after a White House speechwriter was dismissed in the wake of revelations that he had spoken alongside Brimelow on a 2016 panel. Brimelow, 70, was once a well-connected figure in mainstream conservative circles, writing for Dow Jones and National Review. But over the past two decades, he has become a zealous promoter of white-identity politics on, the anti-immigration website that he founded in 1999.

Right. I know VDARE and I know Brimelow.

Some years back I wrote on this blog about the dog-fighting pro-football quarterback Michael Vick, and about a popular song then burning up airways on country music sung by Gretchen Wilson who posed with her Pit Bull while proclaiming herself a "redneck woman". That post, entitled Black and White and Redneck All Over was an autopsy on the origins of the small, but persistent, dog fighting culture we have in the U.S.

Into the comments section came someone who thought I needed to read an article from someone writing over on VDARE and who suggested that that web site was a main-stream conservative idea mill. I was not having much of it, and I said so and why.

As for Brimelow, I am actually quoted in Brimelow's bookAlien Nation.  Back in 1993 I wrote a letter to The National Review calling out Brimelow for his overt racism.  My letter, apparently, made Brimelow double down on his racism.  I wrote:

To the question of who should immigrate, Brimelow... provides the same tired answer given by every ethnic group: "More people who look like me." ...He implicitly suggests that the real reason for curbing immigration is to maintain the racial hegemony of white Americans.

Brimelow then went on to say:

Needless to say, on reading this complaint, I was immediately stricken by guilt. You always are. Even though what I had actually suggested was a moratorium — no immigration at all. But then it occurred to me: Suppose I had proposed more immigrants who look like me. So what? As late as 1950, somewhere up to nine out of ten Americans looked like me. That is, they were of European stock. And in those days, they had another name for this thing dismissed so contemptuously as "the racial hegemony of white Americans." They called it "America."

Right.  Here we are letting a British immigrant (Yes, Brimelow is an import!) define what America is all about. 

  We need to import racists now?  Is there a shortage?

In 1993, I was on the cutting edge in calling out Brimelow, who was still the darling of The National Review. This was long before the term "Alt-Right" had been coined, and before it became clear that that term was simply a pseudonym for a much simpler term:  Nazi.

Now, it's front page news that the President's advisors consider it fatal to even be in the same room with Peter Brimelow.  And this is the TRUMP administration.

Has water found it's own level?  It's getting there.

And will it find its own level in other ponds?  I suspect so, but we shall see.  As they say on House Of Cards, "You may think so, but I could not possibly say."

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