Sunday, August 12, 2018

Return of Swamp Thing Wayne Pacelle

Over at The Washington Times the notorious Ric Berman reports that:

Former Humane Society of the United States CEO Wayne Pacelle, who resigned in February after a number of women accused him of sexual harassment, reemerged on Washington’s lobbying scene last month.

Mr. Pacelle is aligned with a new political action committee called “Animal Wellness Action” that will focus on federal affairs related to animal agriculture.

Apparently Animal Wellness Action is a political action committee (PAC) which means it is in the direct-bribery game. The PAC says Mr. Pacelle is not a paid employee but a volunteer.

The new political action committee, which was registered in May by David Harvilicz, a lawyer and entrepreneur, is affiliated with a small nonprofit called the Animal Wellness Foundation, whose president is his sister, Dr. Annie Harvilicz. Dr. Harvilicz is the founder and chief medical officer of a veterinary clinic and pet care company called Animal Wellness Centers, based in Los Angeles. Marty Irby, a former executive at the Humane Society who oversaw its equine protection and rural outreach departments, is the PAC’s executive director....

...By joining a PAC to work on animal welfare issues, Pacelle could be violating a non-compete clause in his contract with HSUS, which operates its own political action committee. The two PACs are likely to compete for donations. By email, West said: “There is a non-compete in his (Pacelle’s) employment contract and the board leadership is aware of the situation and will be considering our options.”

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