Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Coffee and Provocation

Los Angeles' Unhinged Pet Policies

Los Angeles is about to say YES to unlimited Pit Bulls, feral cats and 'retail rescue' pet shops.

Ready for Rhino Cloning?
First test tube rhino embryos could bring the northern white rhino back from extinction.

Long Distance Charges May Apply
A Polish environmental group placed a tracker on the back of a stork. The migratory bird traveled to Sudan, where someone found the tracker, removed the sim card, put it in their own phone and racked up hours worth of phone calls. As noted in a previous post, the first evidence that European storks were flying to Africa and back in the winter came when one returned with a spear in his neck.

Malthus Was Wrong

Since 1950, India’s GDP per capita has grown five-fold, Japan’s eleven-fold and China’s almost twenty-fold. Folks forget that Reverend Malthus opposed birth control and cheered on the grim reaper since, according to him, the poor were unable to control their lustful habits. More from this blog here.

Killer Cows?
The deadliest animals in America may surprise you.

The Sir David Atttenborough Is Ready to Launch
The polar exploring ship is the largest commercial ship built in Britain in three decades.

Thermal Cameras to Fight Against Poaching
Forward-looking infrared (FLIR) thermal imaging sensors, of the kind used on Air Force are now being employed against poachers in Africa.

Senator Mike Lee Pledges Long-Term Attack on Public Lands
Mike Lee is a danger to all that is good in America. From Outdoor Life magazine.

Imagine if We Clear Cut a Forest for Deer Meat
That's what we do with fish, where nets rip up bottoms and one-third of the fish caught never get eaten.

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Karen Carroll said...

Regarding the SIM card taken from the stork. This is why with many cell companies. SIM cards are now one-use only.