Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Want to Be a Movie Financier?

As the video shows, you can use a ferret to string a wire through tight pipes.

Back in World War II, however, Bill Wynne used “Smoky” a 4-lb. Yorkshire Terrier to do the job of running a line through a 70-foot-long drainpipe beneath an airplane runway in the South Pacific in World War II.

Smoky went on to win an army mascot competition, grace the cover of the troop-oriented Yank Magazine, and become the first-ever therapy dog. After the war Smoky became a celebrity in Cleveland, Ohio and even did a number of local TV spots with owner and war photographer Wynne.

Mr. Wynne is now 96-years old (we first wrote about him in 2005 when he was just 83) and a movie is being made about his exploits with Little Smoky.

Three-time Emmy award-winning director Dean Love's short film is to be entitled Angel in a Foxhole: Smoky the WWII Therapy Dog, and every donation to the Indiegogo campaign that is made between now and Wednesday July 4th will be matched by Blackpool Records.  Your donation will GET DOUBLED!

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Jennifer said...

Great video. Unfortunately ferrets go forth and multiply...and decimate native birds in some places.