Tuesday, June 05, 2018

The Business End of a Groundhog

They don't just puncture and rip -- they can also remove a kerf of flesh thank to the width of their paired teeth.


LRM said...

I just learned what a kerf is.

Nicki said...

I dig your blog so much. Question: With all the discussion about how to treat our dogs for ticks, I realized you are someone in the woods with your dogs more than most. Any tips? I live in Massachusetts and it is bad here, hate smelling like Off all day, but that is where I'm at presently, and always wearing a hat, they drop on top of you like rain.

Karen Carroll said...

Several falconers have had their young inexperienced hawks severely injured by groundhog bites. The bold, young hawks don't know their limits and get hurt badly. One actually had it's leg bitten OFF at a falconry meet several years ago.