Monday, June 11, 2018

Coffee and Provocation

A Vaccine to Prevent Canine Cancer?
In July three U.S. universities will begin testing a canine cancer vaccine. This will be the largest interventional canine clinical trial ever conducted, involving at least 800 healthy pets, with half the dogs randomly selected to receive the shot.

A Wonderful Profile of Steve Bodio
In New Mexico Magazine.  Check it out!

The New Pot Economy
Oregon has twice as many weed shops as liquor stores and the regulators are overwhelmed. In other news, Oregon employers are running out of workers who can pass a drug test.

Knock Off Wine Tastes Great
Cheap surplus wines readily available on the bulk market can be blended with in natural additives to produce convincing copies of popular premium wines.

Google Needs a Subsidy?
Google's Alphabet subsidiary, Waymo, which is in the self-driving car business, may get a $465 million tax credit for buying 62,000 Chrysler Pacifica hybrids. That works out to $7,500 per vehicle.

A Virginia Terrierman Can Dream, Can't He?
A set of 200-year-old ciphers may reveal the location of millions of dollars’ worth of gold, silver, and jewels buried in rural Virginia.

A Good Population Boom
East Africa’s mountain gorilla population now numbers more than 1,000.

The Canary Resuscitator
The Canary Resuscitator was manufactured in the 1920s by Siebe Gorman and Co. and was carried by miners to revive the canaries that passed out from potentially lethal gas leaks. After the introduction of electronic gas detectors in 1987, British mines phased out the use of canaries.

Island Wildlife Sanctuaries Have a Hidden Danger
Endangered species that are relocated to islands for their protection can quickly lose their fear of predators, which makes them especially vulnerable to any introduction of feral cats, predatory birds, rats, or dogs.

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Anonymous said...

No more canary resuscitators. Today we need oxygen masks and tents for the crippled pet. Wonderful, I can finally buy myself a french bulldog.