Thursday, May 31, 2018

Under Key Bridge Across the Potomac

More playing with the Color Splash app which will turn a photo black and white, and then return the original color to whatever part you designate.

The picture at top is of Key Bridge, which I cross twice a day to get to home and work. The canoes and kayaks are at Jack's Boat House next to the Potomac Boat Club where I rowed crew over 40 year ago.

The green light is the underside of the Whitehurst Freeway, which runs over the top of Water Street along the river. I take Whitehurst freeway to work and home again every work day, and often back into the city on weekends too.

The C&O Canal starts in Georgetown just a hundred yards above where this picture is taken, and it stretches over 180-miles into Maryland, and almost into West Virginia.  This the canal I bike along with the pups.

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