Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Mother Nature Dances a Jig

When I was born, there were so few Canada Geese in the US that they were considered extirpated or extinct in the wild. Now, they are everywhere; proof that Mother Nature will bounce up and do a jig if we will only get off her neck. This little family was one of several I saw on Monday.

More on Canada Goose population loss and recovery can be found here.


Anonymous said...

And here, in the Rhine at Schaffhausen Switzerland, the young swans are drowning from exhaustion because there are no river banks they can walk up onto and the floating boat docks are all plugged up with rubber boats. And allegedly no one has heard of this being an issue ever before.
On top of the misery, one swan that could get out on a bank got bit to death by a dog.... whose owner apparently can not connect the leash to the dog even when the signs asking dog owners to leash their dog from May to July due to birthing season are EVERYWHERE. There is even a picture, you don't have to be able to read.

In such a described area I got asked by someone if my dog is a hunter because he was on a leash -this wasn't more than mere 200 feet from a sign asking people to leash their dogs... Some people.

Lauren said...

Your statement is overly broad. While the Giant Canada Goose may have been nearly extinct in the wild, there are several other subspecies that were never in trouble as far as I can see.

PBurns said...

1963 press release on rediscovery of a population of Giant Canada Geese.