Friday, May 04, 2018

Coffee and Provocation

Order yours.

You Dog May Have Issues, But...
Veterinarians want you to know vaccines will NOT give your dog autism.

Ancient China in a Coffee Shop?
How Chinese folks act in a coffee shop may reveal whether their cultural roots go back to farming rice in the south, or farming wheat in the north.

Trees Have Heartbeats?
Trees may have a ‘heartbeat’ that is so slow we have never noticed it.

Antarctic Whale Boom?
Humpbacks are humping! It seems as soon as we take our boot off of Mother Nature's neck, she stands up and dances a jig. Marvelous!

Spanish Fly?
Scientists genetically engineered flies to ejaculate whenever they walk under a red light. They walked under red light a lot.

Madness at the Edge of the Stream
A musician broke into the British Natural Museum at Tring, stuffed a suitcase with nearly 300 of the rarest species of birds, and vanished. His goal: to make fishing-flies with the rarest of feathers.

World's Oldest Spider was 43
And she was MURDERED by a parasitic wasp.

The Education Crisis
Hampshire College in Massachusetts has appointed a slime mould as a scholar-in-residence, and given it its own office.

The Continuing Thirst for Knowledge
Scientists have confirmed that Uranus smells like farts.

Nature Fakery Continues
A winning entry in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition has been disqualified because the photographer used a stuffed anteater.

Ford Is Getting Out of the Car Business
They're just going to make SUVs and pickup trucks because that's all Americans seem to want.

Mixed Race Birds
Black-capped and Carolina Chickadees hybridize extensively.

This Dope is Truly Smoked
Trump attorney Michael Cohen loaned millions of dollars to a Ukrainian cab mogul involved in the legal pot industry.

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