Thursday, March 08, 2018

The Disgraceful Treatment of U.S. Army Bomb Dogs

U.S. Army bomb dogs that saved American lives under fire, were treated like crap when they came home and often willfully put them in harm's way.

In a report by the Inspector General of the US Army released last week, it was revealed that many bomb-sniffing military dogs who served overseas were were mistreated through a "lack of care and attention" when the came home, making it necessary to put many of the animals down. Dogs that were adopted may have gone to homes of unscreened individuals. Some dogs with histories of biting were given to families with children, and others were given to owners who lacked the ability or resources to care for them. In some cases, soldiers who wanted to adopt the dogs that they'd worked with overseas were told that they had no right to do so.

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tuffy said...

i know..i've read this, and worse…really unacceptable.
the best places for these dogs are in fact with the vets they served with, provided these people are willing and able. no question…
and there, you may have a real ''emotional support'' animal! (not to say there aren't other legit ones…)