Saturday, March 03, 2018

That Lion Went Lion

It seems some guy in South Africa by the name of Kevin Richardson calls himself the “Lion Whisperer”.

He has a bunch of tame lions that he parades around for tourists on his little fenced "reserve," and he occasionally takes them on open-air walks in the Dinokeng Game Reserve which is located next door.

It seems Mr. Richardson took a couple of lions out “walking” on the Dinokeng Game Reserve last week, and one lioness returned to Richardson’s sanctuary alone where she fatally mauled a young woman who was accompanying a friend interviewing the manager of Richardson’s posh “bush camp”.

Richardson is now trying to say he “sent out a notice” that he’d be walking lions, as if a tourist visitor to his place should have known to expect that a lion habituated to human contact might ambush her if she got out of her vehicle to take photos.

That lion went lion.

That pit bill went pit bull.

That wolf went wolf.

That tiger went tiger.

That killer whale went killer whale.

That grizzly went grizzly.

The code explodes.

Respect the wood and only rarely cut across the grain.

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Tom Slater said...

And yet when these events occur, they receive much less media coverage than the heart-warming stories of a 'lion-whisperer' who can interact with the lions without being killed. It promotes a false idea of what these animals are.