Monday, March 19, 2018

Digging on the Dogs: Two Reds in the Forest

Nice day out today. Bolted two red fox out of a forest den. Moxie weighs just 9 pounds and busted the first one out of a 30-foot pipe running straight under a tree.

Stephanie L’s woolly dog Hunter “saw the elephant” today, spending a couple of hours “staying and baying” a second red fox. He’s pretty tired now. Hunter’s a rescue, and represented well.

This was the shallow dig to Hunter, who sounded like he was in the kettle under the tree (a big space) but he was actually in a small tight pipe under my left leg. The box said he was there, but it was Misto who confirmed it. Hunter had shoved dirt behind himself while digging on, and I think he had boxed himself  in.

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